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Palm Beach Candles

Hand poured into a sealable glass jar, our Standard Size Candle is made from the finest soy based wax.

Our Fragrances are all natural essential oils and contain no artificial ingredients. The neutral colours of the candles reflect the essential oil used in each fragrance. Each candle has two wicks to ensure an even burn every time. Our cotton wicks don't contain any metals and are of the highest quality.


BURN TIME: 80 hrs

ORANGE & BERGAMOT  As an escape this fragrance is pure delight. The scent of tangerine and clementine sparkles above a heart of kiwi and white grapefruit, transporting one to a tropical oasis.

FRENCH LAVENDER  This scent bursts to life with true Provence lavender with middle notes of calla lily, and osmanthus moving into the refreshing crispness of watercress and tulip.

WHITE ROSE & JASMINE  Fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence and vintage edge. A classic feminine floral blend of tuberose, jasmine and sensual amber. Soft yet intense, irresistible and mouth-watering.

WILD PEONY  As the crocus emerge so does this scent! Hyacinth, tuberose, rose and lily with smooth notes of caramel, patchouli and woods. The perfect end to winter!

SWEET BASIL & CITRUS  The scent of sun-warmed mandarin and tart lime is entwined with notes of lemongrass and ginger, enveloping the home in the warmth of the Mediterranean.

INDIAN GINGER & WALNUT  Fresh sparkling ginger and bergamot is entwined with notes of hyacinth and cedar wood for a sophisticated sultry blend.

FRENCH VANILLA  A buttery rich creamy body of vanilla thinly veiled with caramel with lighted dusted sugary top notes.

NAUTICAL  Fresh aquatic top notes are blended with subtle notes of eucalyptus and softened with white lily, orange blossom, jasmine and a hint of linen musk.

COCONUT & LIME  A lively, uplifting tropical delight of coconut and fresh lime with mango and vanilla bean.

Price: AUD $36.36